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Oh, How I Love My Ysl Bag Collection!

I love bags and I love ysl:

If you are somebody who has a fetish for handbags and you have been there and done that you will realize that over a period of time, your taste refines down and you become really choosy about the things that you want to pick up and invest. I am not saying that you do think highly of other lesser known brands but definitely you know the good from the mediocre!

That is the name of my journey:

So, when I started off about fifteen years ago, I had a few haute couture names and then a pile of the lesser known ones but still good ones that were painstakingly picked up in order to match an outfit or to go with the theme of the occasion.

Over the years, it seems that I have been downsizing my collection and it is not entirely due to the non availability of space. The idea is to use only what I usually refer to pick up and not hoard. I donated a lot of bags to women shelters and also handpicked and gifted to cousins and friends the sparingly used ones. They all loved it.

You can say a good bag?

I prefer buying a lot many Saint Laurent bags because they are just my type – simple and classy. They are not time bound beauties so they don’t look dated even after say thirty or even forty years. I have made a lot of investment in the bags but I must say that I cheated a lot and picked them up at cheesy sales and promotions. They are all original and most of them are even monogrammed still I can tell you with surety that I have not paid the full marked price on any of the 63 bags I own right now.

Online stores:

Online stores have wonderful offers and you know that there is no taboo or social trappings when you buy things on a sale right from your living room. No one will ever come to know about it. I visit sites like the bestprice.com and mostly this is the site where I buy my Laurent bags! Try it!!


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