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Are Testosterone Boosters Safe For Teens?

Most teenagers looking for picture- perfect strong bodies begin their quest for testosterone supplements from a very early age. A common opinion among most fitness and nutritional experts is that the testosterone levels are maximum during the teen years and probably the highest that they may ever have during their lifespan.

Is it good to take testosterone booster as a teenager?

A good workout, an active lifestyle and balanced nutritional diet is adequate enough to achieve excellent fitness levels. These help muscles to grow and also help in losing unnecessary fat.

Testosterone supplements are mostly unnecessary for teenagers. The reason being that most of these boosters or supplements are artificial and such synthetics or steroids may have long running health implications and side effects. There are no proper research studies which reveal that these supplements may give successful long-standing results in teens.

These testosterone boosters must be consumed only after prescription and are usually not the regular over- the- counter drugs. Because, it is potentially harmful and dangerous even, common sense dictates that these supplements need to be avoided by teens.

Side Effects of Artificial Testosterone Increase in Teenagers:

  • During puberty, the body composition changes for every teen; An artificial increase in the testosterone levels may lead to weakness of the bones and sometimes leas to stunted growth.
  • Testosterone increase may lead to severe acne issues and scars.
  • Consuming testosterone supplements as teens may cause gynecomastia. It is a distortion in the endocrine system which eventually causes the breast tissues to swell. This is caused majorly because of hormonal imbalance created by these artificial test boosters and supplements.
  • Though supplements may boost the male libido in the short span, it has a negative effect on sexual performance in the long run.

Most medical counsels across the world caution against the use of testosterone boosters for teenagers, especially when they are prone to taking sports performance enhancers.


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