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Backpack vs Briefcase: Style over Functionality

What is a modern career professional without the all-important laptop. This expensive gadget needs to be kept safe and in top working condition. There are many things to carry to your workplace and you need a bag which holds all your stuff in an organized manner and one that gives you a lot of ease in handling.

The Backpack vs Briefcase Debate:

Well, office goers need to carry a lot of things. Which is more convenient? Is it the backpack or the briefcase?

Most assume that throwing all stuff into a single good-looking bag is good enough. Apparently, it is not. If you work in a very formal suit and tie setup, then a nylon or canvas college-goer backpack isn’t just going to work. For a formal setting, a classic leather briefcase is an ideal choice. Whether it is a hard or soft attache, a briefcase can hold and protect everything that your backpack can do. Also, leather briefcases for men are functional and practical while they also add to the classic elegance of the style and tone of your formal wear.

However, one cannot deny the comfort that the backpack gives. So, a regular day at office and your regular, everyday office outfits may warrant a stylish backpack.

Apart from these two debated styles, we now have the messenger bags, the grocery totes, the folios or the laptop sleeves and so on. If this is your first job, then we suggest you pick a functional and elegant briefcase. Give equal importance to both functionality and style. You can always add more bags and backpacks, to your collection as per the line of your work. Choose a bag or case that is most convenient and helps you handle your work in an organized and efficient manner.…

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