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The day I Struck Gold

Deals and deals is what they advertise in every online store. Not to doubt any but as a customer I would see value for the money spent. If it comes with perks well then one strikes gold. The madden Coins are available in Amazon too. But still finding and narrowing down to the best offer is painstaking. On one such searches I got a great deal on Madden Coins here ina famous online store. The deal was a 40% off on madden Coins ,within 10 minutes delivery, help and guidance for the next two levels and the best part is getting 10 silver and 10 gold cards.

Of all the offers this was indeed the best and from an experienced seller who also promised some mobile madden coins after I finish two sets. Now I am prepared to get into the main league of the game. No more playing with budget teams and beginners. I am armed and ready with packs and currency. The only hitch was Auction where I still hadn’t ventured into yet . But with the guidance promised I should breeze through it.

MUT is a game for the bold and adventurous souls who love to take a couple of risks and are trade smart. After all it is a game for American football fans and online gamers. It can be played in your mobile, playstation and Xbox .This is not a game for the weak hearted both in field and online.

A very addictive mind game which keeps you occupied both while playing and off it. A very defensive and offensive contest which I enjoy playing to win currency and experience the pure thrill of winning…

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