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Varieties of Strimmers

                                                           Varieties of Strimmers

The various models of strimmers differ from each other on the basis of the way the motor has been powered. Grass strimmers are mainly powered with the help of battery powered motors, electric powered motors and 2 stroke petrol engines. So, while choosing a strimmer check out if it is suitable for you and also learn about its capabilities.

  • Battery powered strimmers are perfect for working on smaller gardens or if you need to do some light trimming. Nowadays, lithium ion powered strimmers are also available in the market. The garden tools which are battery powered are usually light in weight. Also, they can be moved very easily. But you will have to keep recharging them which depends on the cell capacity. If you have a small area then it is a convenient type of strimmer for you. Also, you can keep a number of interchangeable batteries to avoid repeated charging.
  • Electric strimmers are very low cost strimmers but you will need an electrical socket around to use it. This can be a bit inconvenient to use if you have a larger garden area to trim because of the restriction of length of its cord. It can be a little difficult to reach the corners or difficult terrain if you have a small cord. But at least like the battery powered strimmer, you will not require to repeatedly recharge.
  • Petrol powered strimmers are suitable for gardens with larger area. This is a great option for tackling any strimming task. The best advantage of such strimmers is that they are free from any kind of cabling or wiring which allows them to move to any corner of the garden. Even the top quality petrol garden strimmersare inexpensive, sturdy as well as light in weight. Some of these strimmers are so powerful that they can afford to have separate cutting attachments.


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