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Top 10 Cloths Shopping Approaches To Unique Styling

Have you been looking for that perfect t-shirt but in vain?

Welcome to the club!! Exactly, two years ago, I was sailing in the same boat of going through store after store and not being able to get the stuff that I was looking for. And that is when I wrote a blog on it. In the blog, I had conducted a survey with my readers asking how many of them also felt that they were just not happy with what was available off the racks.

The response was humungous!

I had at least a hundred queries on the blog itself asking me how to get a custom t-shirt! So, I decided that if there was a market for it then why not try my hand at it. I collected a group of friends and crowd funded a venture to start a small business of making customized t-shirts.

There is no hard and fast rule of customization:

And because there is no hard and fast rule there is so much fun! Imagine starting out to do your clothes without having too much inkling about how it is going to turn out, as you start going into the details you realize that there is a word of possibility that you can make a tee that is uniquely yours and no one in the world ever does! That is the beauty of customization. You can enter a room filled with a hundred people and still be able to stand out!

The software that we created has hundreds of templates that can help you create a new t-shirt that is never worn by anyone. It is most definitely one of the best ways to express yourself to the world and another to be your own designer.

There are a lot of people who are having fun designing their clothes; where are you yet?…

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