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Handy Tips For People With Service Dogs

People who are terminally ill or for those people who frequently need to visit a hospital for periodic treatments or seizure patients who need to be hospitalized on always keep a bag packed and handy to just pick and move if ever there is an emergency or a critical situation. S Such patients usually and most often have service dogs or therapy dogs with them as companions or assistants.

I suffer from seizures and need to be hospitalized if I get a severe attack.  I have a service dog as my companion who is my life line and I really can’t imagine life without my loyal companion. Just the way I keep my bag ready if ever I need to go to the hospital in a rush. I always keep a bag ready for my service dog too.  Keeping this bag ready was really helpful Making my service dog wear a service vest with the details of the work he was trained for and his identification details at all times proved to be life-giving for me and this was a life saver for my dog as well.

Other things that need to be catered to for your pet in case of emergencies when your service dog also accompanies you are –

  • Medications that your pet takes
  • Pet food
  • Appropriate clothing
  • Disinfectant and wipes
  • Blankets and toys
  • Leash, harness, and collar
  • Pet first aid kit
  • Service vest and ID

It is also recommended that proper documentation and identity record copies are also carried to help your service dog get proper identification.

  • Copy of all yours and your dog’s identification papers
  • Copies of medical records and vaccinations
  • List of pet medication and pet food
  • Mention of allergies if any
  • Important contact numbers of your doctor, service dog vet, and other people who need to be contacted in case of an emergency.

Though the requirement may not be always, keeping such a disaster kit ready is always handy.