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How To Preserve The Flavor Of Coffee When You Buy In Bulk

Just buying a whole lot of coffee just because you liked it or because you got it at a very reasonable price is not good enough. To keep the coffee fresh, aromatic and full of flavor right till the last bean is extremely important When you buy bulk coffee it is necessary to store it properly and with utmost care, will strip it of its taste and richness within as little as 2 weeks due to improper storage. Keep these guidelines in mind to store your coffee.

  • Store in an airtight container or bag

If you are planning to buy coffee in bulk it is also advisable to invest in a suitable container which ensures your coffee is safe and protected from moisture and air. According to the experts apart from the usual plastic containers, storing in ceramic jars is a very good option. These days ceramic jars which are also air -tight are available in the markets and they are available online too. If neither of these options is available then double sealing in zip-loc bags is the safest option available.

  • Avoid storing coffee in fridges and freezers

Cold temperatures do not have favorable effects on coffee. Storing in a cool and dry place does not refer to the fridge or freezer, it means you need to store it in a place devoid of humid and extreme temperatures.

  • Keep away from direct sunlight

Direct sunlight also does not have any favorable effects on coffee, in fact, it has more damaging effects. It has been researched that sunlight has detrimental effects on the quality of ground coffee and even on coffee beans. The intensity of the beans is affected and thus leads to diminished flavors.

Enjoy your carefully chosen coffee blend which inspired you to buy it in bulk by storing it in the right way and relish your coffee for a longer time.