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Kids Asking for Things: 5 Ways to Handle It

Kids ask for almost anything and everything they can lay their eyes on. “he has this” “she has this” “I want that toy on TV” “I want another one of this” are a few dialogues parents get to hear on a very regular basis, especially if they are in a kids store like Starwalkkids.

When kids start asking for things, many parents are unable to resist or say a no for the fear of disappointing them. However, it is not healthy for the child to get everything he asks for, at all times.

Handle It

Here are 5 simple ways to handle the demands by kids:

  1. Explain

If you feel they are asking for too much but are doing so without realizing the extent of their demands, explain it to them. they are children and are not really aware of the outcome of their demands, how much to demand, etc. when you patiently explain things to them in a calm tone rather than yelling, they tend to pay more attention to is and understand better.

  1. Buy Them

If the child is asking for something useful or reasonable and it fits within your budget, go ahead and buy it for them. When their demands are met from time to time, they are calm and are able to understand they will get things if it is really useful to them.

  1. Distract

If your child is at the verge of a tantrum just because you said a no, try distracting them before they bring the roof down. Play some game, show them something more interesting or start talking to them about something interesting to them.

  1. A Plain No

Sometimes a plain No is all that is required. If you feel the demand is unreasonable, just say so. Kids need to hear the word “No” rather than have all their demands met.

  1. Bargain

If it is something they really like and you don’t mind buying it for them but still feel the demands are getting too frequent, you can bargain. Tell them this will be bought as a reward if they do something, or tell them you will buy them something else instead of this as they already have it, etc. This may sound like bribing but you are bargaining for a better deal with them.